Deluge Valve Working Principle

Deluge Valve Working Principle
Deluge Valve Working Principle

Deluge Valve Working Principle:- As the name suggests deluge means flood. The deluge valve is used to allow the flow of a large amount of water within seconds to sprinklers and hydraulic alarms. It is used in a fixed fire frightening system. It can be installed vertically as well as horizontally. Also, it is available in different MOC. As the sensor detects fire it will give a signal and quickly valve will open, and water flow will start. It is very quick in action.

The deluge valve contains three chambers Inlet chamber, Outlet chamber, and Priming chamber (Diaphragm chamber). It has a diaphragm and seat mechanism. It is a hydraulically operated valve. The priming chamber contains pressurized water which keeps the diaphragm on the seat and that is the close (SET) condition of the valve. Also, the pressurized water pipe is connected to the solenoid valve and the control signal device. All the piping stays empty until and unless the deluge valve opens and distributes water.

Deluge Valve
Deluge Valve Working Principle

As the control signal device detects fire it will give a signal and opens the solenoid valve. Due to this pressurized water line is opened to the atmosphere and diaphragm chamber pressure reduction will cause the diaphragm to open which is the open condition of the valve. As soon as the valve is opened water will flow through the outlet chamber and distributes water to sprinklers and water alarms within seconds.

To reset the valve after doing the task we need to follow certain steps. First, we need to shut the main water source valve and diaphragm inlet valve. After that, we need to open the main drain valve which will drain all trapped water in the system. Now reset the control signal device and close the solenoid valve then open the diaphragm inlet valve which will fill the diaphragm chamber with pressurized water and the diaphragm will be closed. Then open the main water source valve and close the main drain valve. This will reset the whole deluge valve system. 

Advantages of the deluge valve over other relief valves:

  • Diaphragm and rubber seat is field replaceable
  • It can be reset without opening the valve
  • Compatible with a hydraulic, pneumatic, and electric release system
  • Less expensive than other methods
  • The probability of fire spreading is less due to it cools nearby area very quickly
  • Very quick in action
  • Also available in corrosion-resistant MOCs.

Disadvantages of deluge valve over other relief valves:

  • It may damage small instruments due to water flow
  • All the output is opened to the atmosphere so frequent checking is required
  • A large water reservoir is required
  • Cleaner time is higher than powder and gas systems

So, this is all about the Deluge valve. It is easily available in the market in different specifications. Widely used valve system in fixed fire frightening system due to advantages over other systems.

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