Centrifugal Compressor Application

In the last article, we discussed Working and Components of Centrifugal Compressor. Today we will discuss its application.

Centrifugal Compressor Application
Centrifugal Compressor Application

Centrifugal Compressor Application:- The Centrifugal Compressor is used in different fields like:

  • Compressed Gas or Air production
  • Food Industry
  • Gas Turbine
  • Oil Refiners, Petrochemicals and Chemical Plants
  • Refrigeration and Air Control

In plants, we need compressed air for pneumatic applications. For that, we are using a multistage centrifugal air compressor with interstage coolers. Centrifugal compressors are also used when we need to achieve certain pressure of gas for specific reactions. It is used when the demand for gas and air is very high and constant.

In the Food Industry, we need Oil-free compressed air. The centrifugal compressors are very useful because it doesn’t require much lubrication.

In Air conditioning and Refrigeration we need to compress the refrigerant. For that purpose, we are using a Centrifugal Compressor because it is very efficient and easy to operate. It is used in vapor absorption and the Carnot cycle.

In Gas Turbine both Axial and Centrifugal compressor is used but the Centrifugal compressor is most used. Different types of Centrifugal compressors are used like:

  • Turboshaft
  • Turboprop
  • Micro Turbines
  • Auxiliary power units

In Petrochemical Plants and Chemical plants, we require pressurized gas and air. To produce it we use a Multistage centrifugal compressor. That compressors are having very high capacity and are driven by shaft. It has a capacity of thousands of HP.

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